Education has become a business in Pakistan. Establishing a private school offers a great opportunity for those looking to earn money. The students and their parents are pulled into this overpriced trap because they think sending their children to private schools would brighten their future prospects. However, as the popularity of a school grows, their aims change. Schools which were originally established for the purpose of providing education, are sidetracked and shift their aims to making as much money as possible. After building a decent repute, the schools increase their tuition fee. And in order to retain their repute, they would increase the salary of their teachers, but still keeping an increased profit margin.

Despite high fee structures, they fail to provide appropriate facilities. The science labs do not have the necessary equipment to conduct experiments, the computer labs do not have enough facilities, and so on. Even the quality of education is compromised by not employing better teachers because they would ask for higher salaries.

While the owners of these schools continue to mint money, they are seriously jeopardising the fate of the students. We are aware of this situation and yet we do not do anything. The nation is being looted and yet we remain silent. Education has become a cruel business and yet we do not protest. Nothing will happen unless we take a step.


Balochistan, September 22.