LAHORE -  The PPP has condemned yesterday’s hooliganism at the Accountability Court in Islamabad terming it a planned move by the government to achieve its nefarious designs by bullying the court. 

In a Press statement, PPP’s central Secretary Information, Ch Manzoor said that it was a black day in court’s history.

“The PML-N has repeated its history of fighting with the court instead of fighting its case.” he said, adding, that the ruling party had a history of attacking the courts. 

Manzoor said that the Friday’s incident had reminded the people of PML-N workers attack on the Supreme Court when the then Chief Justice had to leave his chamber to save his life.

In this case also, the accountability judge was forced to retire to his chamber by creating a rowdy scene inside the court room, he said. 

The PPP leader further stated that the PML-N had proved as true the remarks of a SC judge terming the PML-N chief a God father.

He alleged that Nawaz Sharif was pushing the country towards anarchy by disrespecting the judiciary. “The PML-N is a fascist party which had learnt nothing from the past. It is miles away from the democratic culture”, he observed.