Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said on Friday that his remarks about Ahmadis were ‘misreported’. The law minister told the media that he, in fact, had asked Ahmadis “to abide by the law of land and do not project themselves as Muslims while preaching”.  “I admit that the minority doesn’t have the right to use articles of Islamic faith, but the constitution provides protection to all minorities,” Sana said. He said that all minorities, whether Christians, Sikhs or Hindus, enjoyed civil rights.  He went on to say: “Firm faith in Khatam-e-Nabuwwat is a vital part of Muslim faith. One, who does not believe in finality of Prophethood, is outside the ambit of Islam. The constitution provides protection to Ahmadis although they are non-Muslims.”  He said that Ahmadis would not project themselves as non-Muslims while preaching their faith and they would use various articles of Islam and the law to serve their purpose.  To a question, Rana Sana endorsed punishment for those who created a rumpus and took law into their hand outside an accountability court in Islamabad on Friday. He assured media men of facilities at the next session of the Punjab Assembly starting on October 16. –Staff Reporter