BAHAWALPUR-Pakistan Awami Tehrik Secretary General Khurram Nawaz Gandapur said that ruling Sharif family has no respect for the judiciary and other national institutions. He demanded legal action against Maryam Nawaz and Captain Safdar holding them responsible for the unrest created in the accountability court.

"Absence of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamaat-e-Islami's senators from the Senate at the time of amendment in the "Khatme Nubuwwat" law was planned; Senate Speaker Raza Rabbani's refusal to head the meeting was according to the plan. NA 342 members sold their faith and no one had self-respect enough to resign. As long as the people do not stand for their rights, such cruelty will continue," he said.

He expressed these remarks while addressing a press conference at in Bahawalpur. He said that the PML-N leadership has disrupted and destroyed the national economic system and the country was facing critical economic crisis. He added that the WB  was not ready to talk to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. In the regime of Musharraf, total foreign loan was $ 37b which increased to $56b in People's Party regime and in the last 4 years it has gone up to $ 80b, he mentioned.

He said that the World Bank asked the government to either increase the exchange rate of dollar by Rs20 or increase the taxation by 40% to steer Pakistan from crisis; this will increase our loan from 80 billion dollar to 100 billion overnight; unfortunately the opposition do not talk about the financial crisis as it is only doing point scoring.

He said that India, America and Israel's alliance is dangerous for Pakistan; Nawaz Sharif's guest Prime Minister Modi come to Pakistan without visa and at that time, all the ministers and officials were asked to leave. The same Modi when went back he issued the statement that they are interfering in Balochistan, he added.

He said even today, 42 Indians are working in Ramazan Sugar Mills. The ruling party's business friends have permission to go anywhere in Pakistan, no leader of Muslim League Nawaz uttered a single word against Kalbhushan Singh and India, he said. He noted that Nawaz Sharif and his companions wanted Pakistan to become India's secular state, he said.