KARACHI: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said the country will make progress if there is democracy therein.

“ if there is democracy in the country then it will make progress. There are defects in democracy too but parliament is there to sort out them. Decision power should rest with the people.

The government which shows progress should run and the government which does not address the problems facing the people should go home. The government making powers should rest with people. Whenever dictatorship came the country did not make progress. There are challenges in every government. These are faced and are resolved.

The PML-N puts money in the pockets of people rather than taking out the money”, PM said this while addressing inauguration ceremony of country's first coal, clinker and cement terminal at Port Qasim during his one-day visit to Karachi Saturday.

The first coal clinker and cement terminal in the country has been inaugurated, he held. This terminal has been completed within four years. Whatever projects were started by the PML-N government were completed during the tenure of our government, he added.

Pointing out some examples of development projects successfully completed during the present government's tenure, PM Abbasi said the Lowari tunnel, unveiled by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto 45 years ago, was finally completed by Nawaz Sharif with Rs 28 billion.

Coal clinker and cement terminal are environment-friendly projects, he said adding talks are underway to link this project with railway section. The government will soon start work on this project as well, he stated.

When we came to power in 2013, the country was facing several crises and among them, there was an energy crisis too, he underlined. Only 20000-megawatt electricity including hydel power plant was generated ever since Pakistan had come to being.

But our government installed power plant, generated 10000-megawatt electricity and added it to the system, he pointed out.

Enormous gas reserves are available in the country and gas connection will be available for every consumer after December, he underscored.

Our government has constructed thousands of kilometre long motorways, he said adding for the first time Hyderabad section road is being constructed. Motorway from Sukkar to Multan will be completed until next year, he stated.

CPEC is the guarantor of development of Pakistan, he said adding the largest ever investment in its history is being made in the country through this project. These are the jobs which don’t bring votes but the country makes progress, he added.