Gilgit - Lawyers’ strikes have paralysed the entire judicial system of Gilgit-Baltistan on Friday.

According to details, the GB lawyers’ associations are on strike against the vacant posts of judges in the chief court, supreme appellate court, service tribunal and election tribunal in the region.

Bar Association President Ehsan Ali told The Nation that a post is vacant after the death of justice Shahbaz and 2-Judges of Chief Court got retired some six month ago, chairman and members of the service tribunal got retired in January this year after completion of their three year term, but the government failed to appoint its new chairman and members.  Similarly, judges of the election tribunals have left the jobs without concluding the election related matters due to non-payment of perks and privileges and non-extension in their tenures.

He said the courts boycott will remain continue till the appointments of judiciary.

Hundreds of cases of the government and public had been pending in the court due to vacant posts of judges.

The lawyers’ leader alleged that the Chief Justice of Supreme Applied Court Rana Shamim wanted to pick non-local judges and it was the violation of governance order 2009.

Meanwhile, hundreds of cases had been pending due to lawyers’ strikes and vacant post of judges.