After the mantra of “do more”, the US administration has come up with a new and bizarre idea of “one more time”. The writing on the wall is self-explanatory- either we will have to launch a decisive crackdown against the insurgent groups within the limits of our country or the US is there to clean the Augean’s stable of militancy for us. The fresh threat is reminiscent of the times when Washington ruptured through Iraq on the pretext of having Weapons of Mass Destruction. The present cul-de-sac between Islamabad and Washington reared its head after the quirky US president, Donald Trump, blamed Pakistan for providing sanctuaries to terrorists. Now the US is also of the view that ISI has clandestine links with militant outfits. It all manifests that the US is not ready to admit its own failure in restoring peace in the war-torn territory of Afghanistan.

So our tight rope walk as regards the US ties continues without any respite. Adding fuel to the fire, the political environment at home is also not conducive at present. The uncertainty ensued after Panama scam verdict still continues to haunt us. Along with the growing internal unrest, the regional going is also not good enough to stare all these issues in the face. It is high time that our high-ups stand united and fix all the political, regional and international issues sagaciously and prudently.


Mianwali, October 6.