Quote: And kidnappers - their point is to terrorise people. But I am not terrorised, and you can't be terrorised

– Mariane Pearl

Daniel Pearl, an American Jewish journalist working for the Wall Street Journal, started venturing occasionally into Pakistan to cover the war on terrorism. He was retracing the steps of “shoe bomber” Richard Reid and hoped to meet with Sheikh Gilani, a spiritual leader, when he was abducted in Karachi on January 23, 2002. Millions around the world rallied for Daniel’s release but in Danny, the terrorists believed they abducted a media figure, an American, and a Jew. But they had much more - a true citizen of the world and an embodiment of civilised values, whose death, like his life, would inspire millions of people in the cause of decency and cultural understanding. Several weeks elapsed without word of his fate; his murder was confirmed on February 21, 2002. Four of the kidnappers were convicted on July 15, 2002, including mastermind Omar Saeed Sheikh, although others believed to be involved are still at large.