Islamabad -  The closure of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) – owing to the ongoing employees strike – has put the whole burden on the Federal Services General Hospital (FGSH) as a large number of patients started pouring in the hospital for getting medical treatment.

An official told The Nation on Friday that the pressure of the patients has also increased the workload on the limited strength of the hospital staff. PIMS, the largest medical facility of the region, is facing a strike for the last 12 days and the patients load has been diverted to only left hospital of city, FGSH (Polyclinic).

The number of patients visiting hospital has almost doubled, while the doctors and staff are performing overtime duties, said the official.

In normal routine, around 5000 patients are examined in the Outdoor Patients Department (OPDs) of the Polyclinic which has risen to more than 8000 now.

The Nation observed long queues outside every Outdoor Patients Department of the hospital and patients were waiting for their term.

Talking to The Nation, a patient Anwar Ali said that he visited the hospital for medical examination but was surprised to see the rush.

“I am waiting outside the doctor’s room for one hour and still lagging behind ten patients,” he said.

Kaneez Fatima, a wife of the government employee brought his son for the medical check-up in paediatric department but had to pass all day long in the hospital.

“Every department is filled with patients and entitled patients are facing difficulties from access to medical check-up to obtaining medicine,” she said. Along with OPDs, the patients load has also effected the emergency and patients admitted in ward, where the limited staff was dealing with extra number of patients.

Talking to The Nation, a spokesperson of Polyclinic Hospital Dr Shareef Astori said that the hospital is facing a large number of patients since the services were suspended in PIMS.

He said that the Outdoor Patients Department has risen to 12000 patients daily and similar is the situation at the emergency department.  He said that the patients suffering with fever and food poising are increased due to the changing weather and hospital is working beyond its capacity.

He said that in one shift, the blood bank received 500 patients and the medicine and surgical department are also dealing with increased number of patients.

He said that there is no shortage of medicine in the hospital but patients have to wait for hours because of the influx.

He also stated that the duty timing of the doctors and paramedics has been increased but the strength of the hospital is not enough to deal with such a huge number.

He said that out of 500 patients’ batch, 100 are to be admitted in the hospital which is more than the capacity of the hospital.

The federal capital has only two medical facilities in the public sector to deal with thousands of patients daily.

The extension program of Polyclinic Hospital was announced by the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) but still it has not been implemented.



rahul basharat