A school is recognised by its teachers and students. A teacher plays an important role in leading students to their aim but capable students can only be created when efficient and skilled teachers are employed. In Khairpur Mir’s, there are many schools where unqualified and untrained teachers are employed. Mainly female teachers are selected in a majority of schools even when they have no effective regular degree according to requirement in appropriate field. Hence such teachers are unable to teach students efficiently. The owners of schools hire those teachers to save their money by paying less salary, at times it is also due to recommendation. Teacher play a vital role in broadcasting education, but such inexperienced teachers should not be allowed to play with the careers of students. Therefore, it is warmly request to concerned authorities to pay their serious attention on owners of such schools and to impose some restriction over them according to education policy in Khairpur Mir’s. 


Khairpur Mir’s, October 6.