OKARA-The management of District Public School (DPS) Okara has failed to maintain the education standard and results, said the students' parents.

As per the FSc Part-I results declared by the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE) Sahiwal, 62 students of Boys Wing of the school failed. The degradation of studies in the school had been estimated to have been occurring due to the principal's incompetency. The school teachers and staff opened academies and tuition centres, where they force the student to attend their non-serious teaching at high fees. The 62 students out of 216 failed in the subjects of Mathematics, English, Urdu and Islamyat. However, the list of 62 failed students of Intermediate Part I has exposed the inefficiency of the teachers and the principal. Now, the school staff put the responsibility of failure zzzzzrs by the BISE Sahiwal's examiners.

MP claims N put country on path to prosperity

The PML-N government is serving the country in an effective manner as it has set the pace for development and stabilised national economy.

Talking to the media during the Meet the Press Programme, PML-N MNA Chaudhry Nadeem Abbas Rubera claimed that a strong and prosperous Pakistan would foil every conspiracy against its progress. He claimed that though Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified to hold any office, he still lives in the heart of the nation. He said that history bears the fact that whenever Nawaz Sharif came to power, he opened up vistas of developments and progress in the country. The present government has accelerated the pace of development through execution of unprecedented projects and the credit for this revolution goes to Nawaz Sharif. The N-MNA asserted that the government under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif brought an end to terrorism and electric loadshedding.