LOS ANGELES-Victoria Beckham felt ‘’quite naïve’’ embarking on a career in the fashion industry almost 10 years ago, and she thinks she was ‘’not as scared’’ as she should have been.

The 43-year-old singer and fashion designer launched her eponymous brand in 2008, but the brunette beauty has admitted she was ‘’not as scared’’ as she should have been when she started her label, although she was aware that the public had ‘’preconceptions’’ about her and her new career venture.

Speaking on the Vogue Forces of Fashion Panel, the Spice Girls band member - who has sons Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and six-year-old daughter Harper with her husband David Beckham - said: ‘’I was very aware that people had preconceptions. I was a Spice Girl, I was married to a footballer, so I was aware, but I was probably [also] quite naive going into the fashion industry. I wasn’t as scared as I would be if I went in knowing what I know now.’’

But the creative mastermind has admitted she ‘’put everything’’ into her ‘’new career’’, which saw her set up her label with two assistants.

She explained: ‘’I really put everything into this; it was a new career for me and I had a vision. I surrounded myself with the right people, which, when I started was just two people - one girl working with me on the design and another on the production. It was very different from what other people had done; I wasn’t a celebrity with a licensing deal.

‘’It was all about Being focused, honest, and doing it in an incredibly humble way.’’

And Victoria knew when she was starting out she wanted to have her own unique stamp on her garments and not ‘’copy’’ any other designer’s work.