Karachi - An estimated two million people in Karachi are facing some of kind of hearing impairment and most of them cannot be treated because of a lack of facilities and increasingly noisy atmosphere in the mega city.

Eminent audiologist Shahid Akhtar Rajput says although there is no accurate data available about hearing impairment or hearing loss but an estimated 10 to 15 percent of Karachi population is suffering from mild, moderate and severe hearing loss due to multiple factors.

“Generally, the hearing disability occur in the society due to the trend of inter-family marriages but sound of generators, vehicles and factories are also leading risk factors of hearing loss”, he added.

He explained that citizens who are suffering from hearing loss could face psychological and physical problems in some stages of life if not treated. He hearing impairment is one of the major issue pounding unnecessary burdens on the society.

Shahid Rajput said age-related hearing loss is also common in Pakistan and gradually occurs in most of us after 45-year age. He said it is one of the most common conditions affecting older and elderly adults and age-related hearing loss most often occurs in both ears, affecting them equally if not treated properly.

He said some professionals including lawyers, airport security officials, factory workers, traffic police wardens and journalists can suffer hearing loss in same stages of life as they worked in noisy atmosphere.   Audiologist Shahid Rajput said Karachi has been facing acute shortage of audiologists as hardly 20 to 50 audiologists are available for whole population of the city.  He said Karachi needs qualified 5000 audiologists to cater the citizens with hearing impairment. He demanded of Sindh government to appoint audiologists in district headquarter hospitals (DHQs) in all over the Sindh province to treat preventable hearing loss patients.