Taqi Ahmed is one of the most handsome men we have in our showbiz industry. Having fine cuts, flashing eyes and a sexy countenance, Taqi is an actor and a model by profession and a traveller and a photographer by passion. He has done a number of telefilms and serials, including the mega-projects, “Kaash Mein Teri Beti Na Hoti” and “Mera Naam Yusuf Hai”. Among the modern dramas revolving around the society’s tabooed aspects, Taqi Ahmed’s commendable piece has been “Ustaani Jee”, in one of the episodes of which he played a molester who harasses his female employees. The actor has worked with some of the best directors of the industry such as Angeline Malik and Mehreen Jabbar and continues to serve through his talents. I asked him a few questions, which are as follows along with their answers.


What do you prefer between modelling and acting? Don’t you think that modelling is more difficult than acting because you have to give expressions without being given a situation?

Modelling is of two kinds. One is commercial modelling and the other is fashion modelling. Fashion modelling is comparatively easier, for you mostly have to give only one kind of expression, that of seriousness. It is commercial modelling which is difficult, since it requires a lot of telling to do in a few minutes. But if I am to compare modelling with acting, then I would go for acting as the difficult thing.

Which brands have you worked with uptil now as a model?

I have worked with a lot of brands but it was ZONG which provided me with fame and success. In the days of this network’s inception, I was its brand ambassador and received a lot of admiration.

How did you enter the field of acting? Which was your first project as an actor?

I did my acting course from the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA) and then kept giving auditions at various platforms. One of those platforms was AAJ TV and its project “Dekh Magar Pyar Se” was my debut project.

You recently did a serial “Mera Naam Yusuf Hai” written by Khalil-ur-Rehman and directed by Mehreen Jabbar. In what way did you find Khalil-ur-Rehman different from other writers and Mehreen Jabbar different from other directors?

I haven’t ever read the kind of lines which Khalil-ur-Rehman pens down. Every single dialogue hides a philosophy behind it. My character in his serial was comic and it was surprising to see how he managed to incorporate humour in such a serious script. Mehreen Jabbar’s best quality as a director is that she provides you with the freedom to act and improvise. Seeing your potential, she gives you the space to work and then guides you within that space created by you as an actor. This freedom is not given by many directors. Most of them try to dictate you.

You love to travel. Is there any play of yours which was shot somewhere outside your city and fulfilled your dream of travelling?

Yes, I did a serial by the name of “Dil-Awez”. While doing that serial, we had to go to Quetta, Balochistan and it was my first experience of visiting Quetta. Ever-since then, I have gone there atleast ten times again. To be honest, that drama became the stimulant for igniting that spark in me. I had not travelled much before doing “Dil-Awez”. It was after I did it that I started exploring Pakistan and I cannot sit at one place now.

Taqi Ahmed’s Photography

Pakistan is making movies in abundance now. Have you been offered any film, since you have the look of a hero?

I did a film “Aarifa” which was not released unfortunately because of some political issues that made their way in. A show was presented against it on a news channel and we were refrained from releasing it. But I have heard that it has received clearance now and by the end of this year, will be out.

How do moralistic dramas like “Ustaani Jee” affect you?

I have always wanted to do such serials which depict the bad aspects of society, for it is when you show badness that an understanding of goodness is developed. It is a binary which is understandable when both the things are presented. My desire is to do roles through which I can educate people and although I played a molester in “Ustaani Jee”, the purpose was to compel the harassed workers to speak up for their rights.

Tell us the names of your personal favourite dramas.

My personal favourite drama is “Saanwari” which I did for PTV in the year 2013, and which remained the channel’s top serial for that year. It was also shot in Balochistan and has been my best and personal favourite project so far.

Is there any kind of work which you wish to do but have not been given the opportunity yet?

I want to do the role of “Majnu’n” and am waiting for the opportunity. I hope I get it soon.

What are your upcoming projects?

My upcoming project is “Maan-e-Iltija”, an ARY serial directed by Saqib Zafar.