LAHORE - Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has said that the PML-N was facing disruption.

Talking to media after attending Asma Jenangir Conference at a local hotel on Saturday, he said that political future of Sharifs was uncertain as forward bloc was in the offing in the National Assembly besides the existing one in the Punjab Assembly.

Fawad Chaudhry claimed that the PTI regime would achieve the ambitious target of building five million.

houses for the underprivileged people. He said that the PTI chief had already achieved ‘impossible targets of setting up Shaukat Khanum Hospital and Namal University’.

“Some people were saying that he (Imran) would never become a prime minister but it happened,” he said, adding the government would fulfill the promise of providing shelter to the homeless. He said that corruption was the biggest threat to democracy. He said that dacoits and plunderers would not be spared.

Referring to the prevailing economic crises, he said that unprecedented borrowing during the previous two regimes was responsible for the current scenario. He said that a resolution has been submitted in the Assembly for constitution of a committee to identify people responsible for huge foreign debts. He said that senseless borrowing of previous rulers caused the government to approach the IMF. He said that the government has taken measures to control expenses of the Prime Minister's House, Governors and Chief Ministers houses. He claimed sweeping October 14 by-polls, not only on seats vacated by its candidates     but also those by other parties.

Referring to the allegations of PML-N regarding not giving level-playing field, he said that it (PML-N) had never conducted free and fair elections while in power. He said that last general elections were the first free and fair polls conducted during the recent past.

He said that bureaucracy would have to give due respect to public representatives, whether they are from the treasury or the opposition. He appreciated people for support to Clean and Green Pakistan campaign. He urged people from all walks of life especially students and youth to come forward for making the Clean and Green Pakistan campaign a big success.