The nexus between two countries has been fluctuating since its inceptions. Issues of water distribution and Kashmir are major contribution toward hostility. However, with the advent of successive government of Pakistan, people of both countries pondered that relations might be durable. Prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan ever craved for better relations and offered an invitation to India on his oath ceremony.  

Prime minister Narendra Modi did not reach Pakistan but minister of local government and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu came in Pakistan with immense enthusiasm and with a ray of hope to shape ever-lasting ties. He was warmly acclaimed by Pakistan and was endowed with countless venerations. Primes Minister Imran Khan assured him that Indian could travel Pakistan without visa for worship. However, Indian media and bigotry masses instead of commending meritorious step taken by Imran khan they spitted venom against Sidhu for embracing COAS Qamar Jawed Bajwa and was lodged with diverse cases against him. 

Moreover, with the immense efforts of Foreign minister of Pakistan both countries decided to held talk at united nation and was supposed to meet. Surprisingly, a harsh filled with abomination statement was articulated by COAS General Bipin Rawat by saying that India called off meeting held at united nation and threatened that Pakistan would ready for another surprise surgical strike. This statement created disappointment and afflicted the sentiments of Pakistan. 

It has been habit of India to infringement of accords, obstructing water flow to Pakistan, constructing Kishan Ganga dam on Jhelum and infringement of cease fire are glaring instances in this regard. 

Whenever Indian government faced internal pressure they commenced either firing on border or took odious statement against Pakistan in order to get sympathy from their civilians. This time can also be wittnessed that after a revealtaion of corruption case scandal of Modi in French Jet deal, Indian chief started bullying Pakistan. 

Before threating war to Pakistan, India must pay heed on prevailing wretched condition of common people. According to reports, 1.2 billion people had no access to toilets in 2014, 2.1million people are living with HIV, 310 disgruntled Indian Army personnel have caused their own demises, Indian forces are screaming for unhygeinic food. 

In last, war is not a solution of peace. In the history one can percieves that wars have wiped out the map of countries and propelled the countries in the depth of darkness. Therefore, both countries should move forward for dialogue in order to stablise their countries and to provide basic facilities of their nations. 


Nawab Shah, October 3.