LAHORE-Al-Nida Almas, a graduate of National College of Business Administration and Economics, is the rising star of Pakistan’s fashion industry.

The budding fashion designer translates her worldly observation into wearable works of art.

Her thought-provoking collection titled ‘Duomo Di Milano’ based on mainly menswear designs in thesis show of NCBA&E was highly appreciated by fashion enthusiasts and people from different walks of life.

We caught up with the creative wunderkind to ask her about her future projects. Following are the excerpts of the interview:

When asked what inspired her to become a fashion designer, she said, “I have always been fascinated with textile designing and wanted to make a career in this field. I feel that most of the designers in Pakistan focus mainly on women’s wear, there are a few designers who work on menswear collections.”

“I’d like to explore new things, meet new people and be inspired. There’s always room to grow and improve oneself. I also want to learn new designing skills so that I can always be progressive and on track with my design,” she explained.

When asked how she developed her design style, Al-Nida said she thought it’s incredibly important to maintain one’s individual cultural identity. “I often try to create pieces that can be adopted into the wearer’s sense of style, rather than trying to enforce a stylist dogma. It feels more organic and true.”

About her thesis projects, Al-Nida said, “Hard work can beat talent, but once talent and hard work are combined, that’s all it takes to create perfection.”

“My thesis project titled ‘Duomo Di Milano’ is the largest and most complex Gothic building in Italy. The interior is shaped like a Latin cross and has large choir stalls and a polygonal apse. I was really inspired by the architecture and artworks of the building. So, I decided to take it up as my final thesis project,” the designer said.

About her future goals, she said her primary goal was to make cloths that customers can buy. “Soon, I’ll be launching my own outlet which will come up with innovative styles for both men’s and women’s wear,” she concluded.