LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said the government has taken exemplary steps for welfare of common man during its one-year tenure.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the chief minister said that loot and plunder by former rulers, level of their corruption and their wrong policies ruined the national economy.

“Those plundering national exchequer with impunity will have to face indiscriminate accountability. It is the voice of every Pakistani to retrieve looted national money from the corrupt mafia and the process of accountability will not come to a halt. They will have to account for their loot and plunder,” he said.

He said mega programmes like Ehsaas, low-cost housing schemes, shelter-homes and Sehat Insaf Card had been initiated for the masses. “By bringing reforms in government institutions, provision of services to people has been improved,” he said, adding that economy has been put in the right direction and difficult decisions are being taken for betterment of economy.


Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said that Kashmir and Pakistan are part and parcel for each other.

“Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir and the hearts of Pakistani and Kashmiri people beat together. The government of Pakistan and its people stand like a solid rock with the oppressed people of Occupied Kashmir,” he said in a statement.

Buzdar said the Indian government has crossed all limits of oppression on innocent Kashmiris. “Humanity is taking its last breath in Occupied Kashmir. The world community will have to raise its voice against human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir,” he said. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had become a brave voice of Kashmiri people and successfully fought their case on every front. He said that the night of tyranny was going to end soon and the sun of freedom will rise due to sacrifices being rendered by the Kashmiri people.



People coming from different cities called on Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar and he issued orders on the spot for solving their problems. He went to each and every person, shook hands with them and assured them their problems would be solved. “I have made my first and foremost priority to resolve problems of the masses,” Buzdar said. “It is not only my mission to resolve masses problems but obligation also,” he added. “Our intensions are clear and focus of attention is common man,” he stated. “I have not allowed anyone to interfere between myself and the general public,” he said. “National interest has been ignored in the past. Previous regimes gave importance to vested interests whereas the PTI is promoting national interests at every level,” Buzdar said.



Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar took notice of a news about the disease of a six years old child Abdullah belonging to Faisalabad and directed the high-ups of the health department to contact his family. Buzdar said that Abdullah will be treated at official level and the Punjab government will bear all expenses relating to his treatment.

Buzdar has also announced a child named Wajid, resident of Hasilpur, will be treated at government’s expense. The Punjab government will pay all expenses incurred on treatment of Wajid’s eyes, he said.

Buzdar also directed the health minister and secretary to take immediate steps for treatment of the child. A medical board has also been constituted on the directions of the chief minister that will inspect eyes of Wajid and submit its recommendations.