Once again the negligent act of Punjab police took an honest life of Salahudin who was not mentally well. Nevertheless, this isn’t only the first incident as several people had lost their precious lives by the police negligence. However, Salahudin went to ATM, and his purpose was to take money unfortunately ATM machine was empty and his ATM card was taken by machine, so he just took his ATM card from ATM machine; without investigation Salahudin was arrested by Punjab police. Punjab police tortured him a lot where he couldn’t bear the cruelty of police and died.

Salahudin is not the first prisoner who died by Punjab police and several other too had died but the concern authorities are failed to content. What is surprising is that police are being appreciated for such acts. Meanwhile, the constitution, too, doesn’t favor cruelty but the articles are being neglected, and also the national commission for Human Rights inquiry founded 1424 cases of torture by the police between 2006 and 2012 but our government did not take any decision about it.

Thus, I would like to request the leading government of Pakistan to be strict in this regard, and save the lives of coming generation from police so that innocent people should lose their lives.