KARACHI    -    Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor Sunday demanded the government to control pollution, illegal poaching and rampant corruption in wildlife department to make lakes of Sindh friendly and hospitable for migratory birds.

On the occasion of international day of migratory birds, he said a large number of water birds come to Sindh from Siberia every winter and their hunting must be banned strictly. He said stern steps should be taken to end pollution of lakes and waters, and untreated industrial and municipal waste must not be released into these lakes and water bodies.

He asked for foolproof measures to save the migratory birds in Sindh from cruel poaching. He said corruption from wildlife department should be ended and environment-friendly officers should be deputed at sites being visited by the migratory birds.

Altaf Shakoor said that awareness about safety of migratory birds should be increased. He said beautiful natural lakes in Sindh are attracting points for these birds and if these lakes are protected from pollution they could also attract a large number of nature lovers and tourists. He reminded that Sindh is the on the route of Indus fly zone of migratory birds and it should be made safe and secure for these guest birds.

He regretted that poaching of these birds is common in Badin, Thatta, Sanghar, Thar and other areas, which has resulted in decreased number of the migratory birds visiting these areas. He said in the neighboring India foolproof steps are taken to stop hunting migratory birds and the number of these birds going to Indian lakes has increased considerably.

PDP Chairman said improving ecological conditions at lakes and waters of Sindh would also boost fishing sector and provide livelihood to hundreds of thousands of families of fisher folks. He said land mafia is another curse for lakes.

He reminded in past there used to be a beautiful lake in Jheel Park of Tariq Road Karachi, whose major portion is now encroached upon by land mafia and houses and bungalows made over it.

He said a holistic approach must be adapted to save and develop all big and small lakes of Sindh. He regretted the Manchar Lake has already died and despite the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan the government is not taking steps to revive this beautiful lake.