Cairo    -    Egypt’s president says he will meet with the Ethiopian prime minister in efforts to restart critical talks over Ethiopia’s soon-to-be-finished Blue Nile dam, which Cairo claims threatens its water supply.Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said in televised remarks Sunday the meeting with Abiy Ahmad will take place in Russia.Al Sissi didn’t disclose the time of the meeting, but he will co-chair a two-day Russia-Africa summit on October 23 in the coastal city of Sochi. The development comes a week after Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan failed to resolve their differences in yet another round of meetings. Egypt says filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’s giant reservoir will severely diminish its portion of waters downstream, and has called for international mediation to help reach a “fair and balanced” agreement. Meanwhile, talks about Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam had been deadlocked as it had so far rejected Cairo’s proposals for how to fill and operate the dam. Egypt, which relied almost exclusively on the Nile for farming, industry and domestic water use, feared that the dam would reduce its share of the river.Al-Sissi noted that the Egyptians were exaggerating in their reactions on social media over the past days.“Issues are not solved in this way, they are solved with dialogue and calm.“We have been carrying out a comprehensive plan since 2014 to solve any possible shortage in water, including setting up plants for water desalination and waste water treatment,” he said. He said that government has invested 200 billion Egyptian pounds (or 12.3 billion dollars) as part of the plan so far and by 2037, the figure would reach 900 billion pounds to face population growth and water needs.