Massive amount of $431 million had allegedly transferred to different foreign countries owing to the defective and feeble performance and polices of State Bank Pakistan (SBP). 

The inner sources have revealed that 90 private companies had transferred $431 million to different countries owing to the faulty policies of SBP. These companies had fraudulently transferred this huge amount without any fear.

Sources stated that action hasn’t being taken against the high officials those who involved in this ugly work. It was revealed in the official’s documents that additional Rs 19 billion had been paid to foreign banks those who sent foreign reserves to Pakistan.

Moreover these banks had paid Rs 19 billion in the capacity of charges. This ugly work was done in the first year of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif tenure.

It further stated in report that 90 companies had allegedly transferred 43.13 million dollars to foreign countries for investment during PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari tenure.