Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan with an estimated population of more than twenty million. More than 70 per cent of the total revenue of the country, comes from this one city only. In other words, Karachi is the economic hub and a life-line of Pakistan’s economy.

Looking at the dynamics and the economic importance of Karachi, this city must have been given due importance in terms of its proper socio-economic development to meet to the genuine needs of the ever-increasing population of the city. But, unfortunately, for the last so many years this cosmopolitan and international city is being managed poorly as the city has always been given an unfairly treatment by all the successive federal, provincial and district governments in terms of managing it effectively by seriously finding a timely and appropriate solution to some of its gargantuan problems, to satisfy to the ever-threatening population of the city.

Over the years, the city has been facing daunting problems of social and economic nature. Poor law & order, paucity of safe drinking water, insufficient and poor health facilities (as there is only one Civil Hospital for the six districts of Karachi), contaminated water, poor road infrastructure, encroachments, electricity load-shedding, uncivilised traffic, menace of professional beggars, various active mafias, unemployment, every-where garbage, no proper effective public transportation system and lack of proper town planning, are some of the very serious issues which have virtually engulfed this unfortunate city of Karachi.

It has often been observed that the densely populated cities of the world are being managed effectively by their governments by providing all the basic facilities of life to their dwellers; with least complaints by them. The examples of Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China), Beijing (China), New York (U.S.A), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Delhi (India), Lagos (Nigeria), Guangzhou (China), and Mumbai (India), can safely be cited here in this regard. If these hugely populated cities can be managed, then, why not Karachi?

It is time the authorities concerned opened their eyes and did everything possible for effectively managing this poorly managed city so far by finding proper, effective and timely solutions to all its threatening problems. Any further non-serious attitude by the ruling elites, would further add to the frustration of the dwellers of this city.