very year we commemorate Sep 6, 7, and 8 as defence days to celebrate gallantry of our Military, Airforce, and Navy in the 1965 war with India. This year the occasion special because are at brink of war on Kashmir issue yet again.

Modi’s unilateral action to annex Kashmir and split it into three states against all international norms and the UN resolutions has created a situation that can lead to a major conflict. Therefore, this year, we has more fervor and zeal in celebrating the defence of Pakistan as well as showing solidarity with people of IHK, who are facing worst kind of siege for more than a month. It is good to take out rallies and register our protest collectively to highlight the Kashmir issue, but that alone is not enough. India tends to get away with it’s excesses because of it’s economic potential not the military might.

Despite being a party in the Kashmir issue, we have not been able to get the needed results in terms of pushing Modi back on Kashmir issue and having it resolved in line with UN resolutions. This is because we are economically very weak. I suggest and request that we start focusing on becoming economically strong to become a country no body would be able to ignore. All departments of government must work honestly to create a fair, safe and enabling environment for every citizen of the country.

People should focus on giving their best, be it business, job, or service so that we can achieve operational efficiency in our businesses and become globally competitive. It is good to have a strong defence and military might, but without a strong economy we won’t go far. It is about time every person in the country start contributing to make Pakistan economically strong with respect for human life so that we stand tall in international community to have or voice heard,