peshawar    -   Pakistan People’s Party Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter Secretary Information Senator Rubina Khalid on Tuesday said that PPP workers would fully participate in grand public meeting of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) scheduled for November 22 in Peshawar. 

Addressing a news conference at Peshawar Press Club, she said, “The people have fed-up of the policies of the PTI led incumbent ‘selected’ government. They have been left with no option but to take to streets. Rise in daily used stuff has snatched two time bread from common people.” 

Senator Rubina said the PDM would hold a huge gathering in the provincial metropolis on November 22, in which PPP would actively participate. The PDM agitation against the PTI government would oust the “selected” Prime Minister Imran Khan, she said. 

Criticizing the PTI government, Senator Rubina Khalid said the direction-less government had created a chaos in the country and that’s why opposition parties were starting a massive movement against the PTI government. She alleged that due to wrong policies, the sovereignty of the country had been put at stake. “This is the right time to oust the present government, which has failed to deliver in more than two years,” she maintained. 

PPP provincial secretary information Senator Rubina said that empowering the PTI ‘Tiger Force’ to check prices of daily use stuff, meant that the government had failed completely. What the government machinery would do, if the task of checking prices was given to Tiger Force, she said. “It means the government has failed to control price hike,” she added. 

Flanked by PPP leaders Gohar Inqilabi, Rashid Afridi and Shazia Tehmas, she said, “Credit goes to PPP for bringing opposition parties on a single platform and forming the PDM which is the outcome of the PPP’s sponsored All Parties Conference held in Islamabad earlier.” 

She said the opposition parties’ movement would be peaceful and it was expected that the government would not create any hurdle in the way.