ISLAMABAD   -  WASL (Water and Sanitation Logistics) is a social impact project which looks to provide low cost high quality and safe drinking water through it state of the art water containers. The project is launched under the brand name WASL conceptualized and founded Hamid Ismail - CEO Bisconni and Snackcity - Ismail industries/Founder & President of Hamid Ismail Foundation. WASL launched its first RO water plant in Bagh e Korangi (Karachi) which is an impoverished area with over 20000 residents. 

The plant was inaugurated by Hamid Ismail along with his project team and the public office holders of that area. The plant will provide 40000 liters of clean drinking water at a very nominal rate for the good of the general public. Any profits from WASL profits stay in your community and gets reinvested in other social impact projects which creates enhancement of quality of life for the city of Karachi. Every drop of water sold on a WASL plant will make your community better. This is first step towards a happier healthier Karachi and Pakistan.