The luxury hotels operating in Pakistan are quite amenable to fleecing the public on the sly whenever they can. Recently I dined in a restaurant of the lone 5-star hotel of Rawalpindi. Normally I, like most of us, do not look at the details of the bill while paying. This time, by chance, I looked at them. To my utter shock, an amount of Rs 20 was added in the bill for charity, obviously without my knowledge. On confronting the manager, it was confirmed that Rs 20 was being charged on all restaurant bills although it was 'kept' optional. My questions, as to how many of us read the details on bill and whether or not charging an extra amount without prior consent of the customer is tantamount to outright fraud, remained unanswered. It was disclosed by the staff, though, that all hotels of the countrywide chain were charging this amount. -HUSSAIN SIDDIQUI, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 31.