The best investment these days is to start a TV channel of your own. Your money would be best spent on hiring pretty faces with foreign accent. Once it gets going, you would be showered with cheap ads which can be run adnauseum, 3-4 times at a time, all day all night. Having made a good deal of money that way, after 3-4 years, you would be looking to start another channel. I am told there are over 600 channels in UK and over 100 channels in India. They never get starved of entertainment like we do. Our television industry is not too keen on providing entertainment to its viewers so running a channel need not mean you also have to worry about entertaining us. We are grateful to Star World and Sony that manage to give us some light, interesting programmes. Ditto Geo Super for showing us opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics. -COL (Retd) R.M. AKHTAR, Lahore Cantt, September 9.