I am one of the residents of 'Islamabad the Beautiful' as the CDA bosses like to call it. In reality, many sectors in the capital are 'pure slums' because of the complete lack of basic amenities. One such sector is G-10/4 where I live in House NO. 327, Street No. 56. There is no proper water supply in our area, streetlights are out of order, the covers of manholes are missing since long and the whole sector is covered in wild vegetation. Water supply is so short that we lodge a complaint every day and are waiting in line for provision of water from a water tanker. We pay thirty-five rupees for each delivery and get very little water for that amount. I request the Chairman CDA and other responsible officials to take pity on us and ensure proper water supply for our sector so that we could be relieved of the torture of waiting for water tanker every morning. 'Islamabad the beautiful' is only up to the Constitution Avenue and that is for the ruling elite. They do not suffer water shortage or load shedding or a hundred other miseries that we do. -MUHAMMAD AYUB MINHAS, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 1.