LAHORE Majority of PPPs Central Executive Committee (CEC) members and that of the Federal Council does not remember the date when the last meeting of these consultative bodies was held. Some also grumbled over inordinate delay in convening of the meetings, saying that it had become all the more essential in the wake of devastating floods that senior party men should sit together and make coordinated efforts at party level to undertake the most urgent task of rehabilitation. Many members of the CEC and Federal Council, who talked to this scribe, also resented the dominating role of the so-called core group, comprising some federal ministers, which is frequently consulted by party Co-Chairman, Asif Ali Zardari on vital issues, ignoring other members of partys central body. Talking about the role CEC, one of PPPs founding members told TheNation that it was a policy making body, responsible for formulation of all party policies with the mandate to hold negotiations with other political parties, though within the goals and manifestoes of the party. It should meet periodically, a minimum of once every three months to perform its assigned role, he further told this scribe. According to him, the last meeting of the CEC took place in April this year. Many CEC members even dont remember the date and month when the last CEC meeting was held. It was held long, long ago, was the answer by some members, who seemed visibly perturbed over inordinate delay in convening of the meeting. None of them, however, was ready to speak on record on the issue. It has been learnt that partys federal council, supposed to conduct political training of party workers through workshops and seminars, besides acting as the final decision making authority in case of any serious disagreement within the CEC, has also not met since long. It is supposed to meet at least twice a year. Its Secretary General, Khalid Ahmad Khan Kharral, was not available for comment when he was contacted on his cell phone. Talking to TheNation, a CEC member and advisor to prime minister, Nawabzada Ghaza-nfar Gull, attributed the delay in convening of partys CEC meeting to National Assemblys budget session held in June, and to raging floods that hit the country in July this year. He said almost all CEC members were first busy in budget session and then they had hectic engagements in their respective constituencies in the flood-hit areas. Speaking on the issue, a PPP leader termed it an internal matter of the party. He believed the media had no right to poke its nose into such matters which purely fall in the domain of a political party. Without naming any political organisation, he said that some political parties had even dissolved their party cadres and all important party decisions were being taken by a few; but, strangely enough, this did not seem to be an issue with the media persons.