LAHORE Kashmiris and a London-based human rights watchdog have urged the UN to step in immediately as Indian military has crossed all the limits in the Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) as was evident from the shameful footage of Kashmiri teenagers being stripped and paraded naked at gunpoint. This footage appeared on the social networking websites. Amnesty International (AI) has also urged the Indian government to allow the UN Special Representatives to visit IHK for making spot study of cases of human rights abuses, fake encounters, and extra-judicial killings in the territory, reported SOS from IHK, published under the banner of All Parties Hurriyet Conference in its latest Quarterly Report 2010. The report further disclosed that at least 93,173 Kashmiris were brutally murdered by Indian military since the 1989 while the Indian forces destroyed 105,841 houses and shops of the Kashmiri people. At least 107,326 children were orphaned while no less than 9906 women were raped till June 2010. As many as 22,719 women were widowed due to the Indian forces terrorism in the valley, the report maintained. In IHK, the Chief of Dukhtaran-e-Millat Aasiya Andrabi has said that Indian troops are using the Kashmiri women as weapon of war and playing with their chastity to suppress Kashmiris struggle for right to self-determination. Presence of troops in the IHK has put the dignity of women at stake, the report quoting Aasiya Andrabi as having said. The three-minute video clip, which appeared on YouTube and on Facebook a couple of day ago, clearly showed Kashmiri youths being stripped and paraded naked through an agricultural field in Sopore, 55 kilometres from Srinagar. A large number of Indian military soldiers could also be seen, holding the youngsters at gunpoint, hurling threats at them and using filthy language against the teenagers. The video had been uploaded under the tag Indias Abu Gharaib exposed in Kashmir. A group named Citizens of Kashmir had posted the video on Facebook while video was re-shared by tens of thousands of people. The Indian military imposed curfew in the IHK, which continued throughout the holy month of Ramazan, and even nobody was allowed to arrange and offer Friday prayers. The Indian military sprayed innocent teenagers with bullets while they were holding pro-liberation protests in Kashmir while carrying banners and placards inscribed with slogan, Kashmiris are being slaughtered by Indian forces. Where is the UN? The Indian forces also brutally murdered more than 60 teenagers while they were protesters against the killings of their companions since June 2010.