LONDON (AFP) Former president Pervez Musharraf said people who donated money towards the countrys flood relief effort should make sure aid organisations were not creaming off some of the funds. The former army chief said non-governmental organisations (NGOs) had to ensure that all the money should go to help victims. Musharraf said he was intending to form a new party and return to Pakistan before the 2013 general elections to stand for parliament. He said he was not scared of the threat of legal action against him and insisted that he had to try to lift Pakistan out of its pathetic situation. My attention or my involvement is divided. It is relief effort I am talking of. I am going for a telethon the day after tomorrow (Sunday), he told the BBC on Friday. My focus is here but at the same time Im launching a political party in the very near future. I will go back before the next elections. Thats not tied really to the flood situation. Musharraf said possible legal cases against him were not putting him off a swift return. However, he admitted his popularity had waned but said it was still strong among the majority of Pakistanis who do not vote. Two hundred per cent I will participate in the next election. Standing for myself. Standing for a party that Ill create, Musharraf said. I do intend creating a new party because I think the time has come in Pakistan when we need to introduce a new political culture: a culture which can take Pakistan forward on a correct democratic path, not on an artificial, make-believe democratic path. I have fought wars, I have faced dangers and Im a lucky man. Ill try my luck again and Im not scared of that, he said. Musharraf, who lives in exile in London, is trying to raise money towards flood relief. I think they are the worst floods in Pakistans history, he said. I have been a part of flood relief, physically, since the time I was in the army. Every five years we have floods in Pakistan of a certain magnitude. But never like this... Its very serious. Musharraf was asked about fears that donated money might end up getting lost in corruption. There is corruption in Pakistan, there is no doubt about it, it is heartbreaking how people are not bothered about the country. They have a lot of money and yet they are corrupt, he said. The advice I would like to give is they ought to be careful on who they are giving the money to. One thing that I would like to advise when you give your money, a donor or an organisation getting the money, its good that they show so many hundred thousand dollars collected but we should ask how much is going to the people? What is their overheads, what percentage will they deliver to the people? Because I know many NGOs who skim off about 50 per cent on overheads and administration costs. That must not be done.