WASHINGTON (AFP) US President Barack Obamas top aides have concluded they need to refrain from promoting US-style corruption fighting in Afghanistan because of the rift it has caused with President Hamid Karzai, The Washington Post reported late Sunday. Citing unnamed US civilian and military officials involved in Afghanistan policy, the newspaper said Obamas top national security advisers will meet with him to discuss the problem this week. The advisers do not yet agree on the contours of a new approach, the report said. But there is a growing consensus that key corruption cases against people in Karzais government should be resolved with face-saving compromises behind closed doors instead of public prosecutions, the paper reported. The current approach is not tenable, The Post quoted one administration official as saying. What will we get out of it? Well arrest a few mid-level Afghans, but well lose our ability to operate there and achieve our principal goals. The report contrasted with Obamas public remarks on Friday, when he vowed to keep up pressure on Karzai to tackle widespread corruption, saying it threatened the stability of that country.