LAHORE Strict security measures at the Childrens Hospital during Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharifs visit became a cause behind the death of a baby, which is also claimed to be so by the infants father. The CM was visiting the Childrens Hospital to distribute Eid gifts to the patients due to which security protocol had been arranged there. The victims family alleged that the new born twins from Okara were not able to get prompt medical attention due to the delay. It was none but the strict security which took the life of my son as we could not get access to emergency ward despite an hour's arguing, begging with hospitals staff, the family claimed while talking to reporters. I swear, I was not allowed to take my babies to emergency ward, the father of newly-born child said. Gujranwalas Omar Farooq, the father of the twin infants said that Khadam-e-Aala was directly responsible to the death of his son. He said that he brought his twin babies at hospital from Okara and when after about an hour of delay at gate he was allowed to go inside the hospital, he was not even offered any cooperation by the hospitals staff as he forgot to bring his identity card with him, he added. I rushed to nearby Itefaq Hospital to get photocopy of my ID card and in the meantime my child was declared dead, he said adding that earlier he had continued running between the two gates of the hospital to get entrance. The baby died due to the lack of oxygen while with wet eyed, Omer took his second infant to another hospital. The other people at hospital were also of the same views and said that they were thrashed, pushed by the security officials during CMs visit. The victims family held protest demonstration at hospital and chanted slogans against hospitals management, security officials and the CM. However, three members inquiry committee comprising of Dr Zahid Pervaiz, MS Mayo Hospital, Dr Javid Akram, Head of Jinnah Hospital, and Commissioner Lahore Khusro Pervaiz has been constituted for further investigation, the preliminary investigation report would be presented to the Chief Minister within hours. Talking to the media persons, the PML-N Spokesperson Pervaiz Rasheed said that the unpleasant incident of childs death happened before the arrival of Chief Minister. He said the parents of the child were not stopped any where even for a while. He said we had video of CCTV footage in which child was being admitted, and that footage we would provide to the Media. Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheer-u-Din, in a statement condemned the incident and said that CM Punjab should not take the life of the poor on the name of his security. He said that this was not the first incident that happened on CMs security as the flood victims also faced the same situation during CMs visit to those areas. The people at the Children Hospital commented the incident and said that this was not a new mess for the masses as the people faced likewise situation during every VIPs visit. One of them said that on September 6, the worst traffic jam was observed owing to security arrangements when PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif made surprise visit to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Similarly, during any VIPs traveling half of the Citiys roads remain entirely sealed on the name of security.