The Dove World Outreach Center, a Florida church, had recently announced plans to burn copies of Holy Quran on September 11 in remembrance of victims of 911. The pastor of the church had denounced Islam. The pastor is oblivious of the fact that freedom of religion is a universally recognized human right and an act of a few lunatics, even though they profess to hold a certain faith, cannot be depicted as representative of any religion per se. There is no disputing the fact that all religions are humanistic as they preach values of peace and righteousness. The American pastors evil intention has sparked agitation across the globe. The Center for Human Rights Education (CHRE) strongly condemns this heinous plan and gives a call for inter-faith harmony which, we believe, is indispensable for establishing global peace. A peaceful world with a prosperous future for humanity is possible only in an atmosphere where we could live with our mutual differences. At present, the world stands in dire need of a message of tolerance and moderation. Promotion of peace between communities is the key to resolving conflicts among different civilizations. -NAUMAN ASGHAR, Islam-abad, September 9.