Driving on the expressway from Rawalpindi to Islamabad one comes across the portrait of Quaid-i-Azam on a hill top with the words Unity Faith and Discipline mounted on the hill and illuminated at night with lights. Of late I have noticed that neither is the portrait lit up nor the words. Do I take it to imply that we no longer have Faith, Unity and Discipline to guide us and that these words of the Quaid are no longer relevant today, or the state of affairs in the country are such that these word have lost their meaning. Even if they are irrelevant, for the sake of showing to all the foreigners who use this road daily let us illuminate them and at least show the world we display high principles even if we do not follow them. If we are short of electricity I am sure we can extinguish the outer lights of a few government buildings in the red zone. SIKANDER AFZAL, Lahore, September 10.