Reportedly, the US plans to set up a Taliban office in Qatar by the end of this year where they would be allowed to participate in talks with the West. It is a ploy to preclude the possibility of Pakistan having any say in Afghanistans future dispensation. The report published in The Times also stated that the location of the office was specifically selected by Washington to keep it outside Pakistans sphere of influence. Indeed as the end game in Afghanistan nears, the USs intent vis--vis Pakistan has become obvious: to deny Pakistan any role in the peace process and set up a future government in Afghanistan that is hostile to Pakistan. We have after all seen the way the Karzai administration maintains relations with Islamabad. Constantly badmouthing us for providing safe havens to the Taliban, its hostility has reached new extreme; Pakistan is now being attacked by well armed groups of militants enjoying protection from NATO forces. This US strategy is to give New Delhi a greater chance to spread its tentacles across Afghan corridors of power and deal blows at the stability of Pakistan. Ironically, while the US is facilitating the Taliban open an office in Qatar, it continues to force Pakistan to launch operation against even those groups that are peaceful. There is no bigger example of US double standards in its so-called war on terrorism.