After every few days such incident occurs that results in defamation of Pakistan and shame for the nation but those at the helm are not held responsible. Terrorists attacked Banu prison on April 16, 2012 and got away with 384 dangerous prisoners including Adnan Rasheed, the mastermind behind the attack on Musharraf, without any resistance. These prisoners also included those terrorists for whose arrest our soldiers had laid down their lives.

Afterwards the Taliban claimed that they had support from the local inhabitants as well as from within the prison, and had coordination on the phone. According to the terrorists, they spent 20 million rupees for the release of the prisoners. After this shameful incident it was expected that civil administration as well as political administration will learn a lesson and such incidents would not be repeated.

Whatever the case, this was total failure of the government. The truth is that elected representatives sitting in the assemblies have not taken any serious steps either. This is the reason why on July 29, 2013 same story was repeated in D I Khan Prison. The TTP terrorists did not face any resistance.

Intelligence agencies not only provided the information about the upcoming attack but also shared the information with the local DCO, DPO, Commissioner, DIG Police and prison administration. The information clearly indicated that TTP terrorists had arrived in the area, they had detailed maps of the prison, that they were in contact with the terrorists in the prison through mobile phones, and even the route was mentioned.

There are reports that the prison security had enough ammunition to fight back the terrorists for a week, but despite such security measures and guards equipped with the automatic weapons, when TTP terrorists attacked the prison there was no one to stop them or even challenge them. The terrorists entered the prison, called their friends inside the prison through mega-phone, murdered a few Shiah inmates that were identified by the terrorists locked up and went away celebrating their victory without any resistance as they were sure that no one would challenge them on their way back. The only way to find all these inmates who escaped is to add their name to the ‘Most Wanted’ list.

There is dire need for accountability in our country on all levels, as is commonly said “With great power comes great responsibility” but in Pakistan no one is responsible for anything!


Multan, August 26.