MULTAN : Agriculture experts have advised growers to shift their onion nursery to production fields within the ongoing month to get good produce. Growers should pay special attention to removal of weeds to get good production and hoeing be done two to three times within 45 days after shifting to achieve the objective. They should consult agriculture officials for a chemical solution to tackle the weeds problem. The land be prepared by twice application of a plough that brings the soil to surface from deep below and be left open after twice application of cultivator.

Later, 20-kg urea be mixed in soil and water be applied. The wet land be ploughed after it absorbs the water and be levelled.

One to 1.5 bag of DAP and a bag of potash be applied per acre. Water application to nursery fields should be stopped to enable saplings develop resistance. The saplings be removed from nursery field delicately to avoid damage to roots.

The nursery be planted in the production field in a way that these are separated by 10 cm wide ridges. Water be applied after shifting and first three water applications be done while maintaining week long intervals. This duration, however, should increase later.

A bag of ammonium sulphate or a half bag of urea be applied a month after shifting and then the field should get water.

Another bag of ammonium sulphate should be applied when onions start taking shape and the field should be irrigated, they added.