LAHORE - The International Labour organization (ILO), through local stakeholders in Pakistan, is implementing a US State Department-funded programme “Strengthening Law Enforcement Responses and Action against Internal Trafficking and Bonded Labour.”  In the wake of 18th Amendment, the Labour ministry has been transferred to the provinces and there is dire need of capacity building in provinces and districts to take up this responsibility to improve the condition of labor class.

Under this program as a pilot project in District Nankana Sahib ILO with the collaboration of the city district government and local body Association of Network for Community Empowerment (ANCE) has established four non-formal education schools, which have been handed over to the Punjab Literacy Department. ILO also made health screening of 302 brick klin workers, prepared social security cards of 102 workers, birth certificate of 570 children and CNIC of 637 klin workers. Registration, health screening and social security cards have started improving the living standard of the brick kiln workers and their families.

This program is being under the supervision of ILO National Project Coordinator Muhammad Benyameen and District Labour officer Imran Haider Tipu through Raja Abbas Ali, president of the Association of Network for Community Empowerment.

A total 102 children of brick kiln workers are studying in the four literacy schools set up in Nankana Bricks, Abu Sulman Bricks, Haider Bricks and Rana Sjawal bricks.

ILO National Project Coordinator Muhammad Benyameen has assured all out cooperation in the technical assistance and other required support for the improvement of life conditions for brick klin workers.