Too much blood of innocent people has been spilled in Karachi. Each day dozens of people are slaughtered, shot dead and properties set ablaze. I have noticed and heard everybody from Karachi to Kashmir, in particular, mothers and sisters whose sons and brothers live and earn livelihood in this city, pray for a proverbial and perpetual peace and harmony in this city as it was in the past.

Now the operation for peace has been kicked off. The situation in the city is indeed very alarming. Monsters are lurking behind every wall and door; they are literally everywhere, well-trained and well-equipped. Our law enforcement can do nothing. According to them they don’t have the equipment or the manpower to fight these monsters! Then there is heavy political interference; any criminal arrested is ultimately released.

The police and even rangers seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Keeping in view the gravity and complexity of the situation, I have to borrow words from a great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who once said, "Be careful when you fight monsters, lest you become one." However our law enforcement agencies, including Pakistan Rangers, Sindh Police etc. are fighting a multitude of monsters. Hence, they have to be more careful to handle and weed out these monsters once and for all.


Islamabad, September 8.