ISLAMABAD - The slackness on part of Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly in the appointment of Chairman National Accountability Bureau gives the impression of Parliament as ‘superfluous entity,’ the point PML-N leadership kept on drumming throughout the previous government’s tenure led by PPP.

Despite repeated directions of apex court both the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition have so far failed to pick some mutually acceptable person to head the ace accountability apparatus of the government emanating the impression of some sort of collusion between the ruling and opposition parties to cripple NAB.

Political analysts said that in its judgment on Chairman NAB Admiral (retd) Fasih Bokhari appointment case the apex court had invoked its role in the future appointment of Chairman NAB, in case both the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition in National Assembly fails to evolve consensus, with the aim to resist any sort of collusion between the two or the deliberate delay in completion of consultation process.

However, the government and opposition were attributing the delay in the appointment to the unavoidable circumstances and denied any deliberate attempt in filling the slot.

Sources in the PML-N led government confirmed to The Nation that both Nawaz and Khursheed were determined to settle the matter on their own and would not let any ‘third party’ to intervene.  The sources in the PPP said that the delay in the appointment of new chairman is due to the pressing engagement of Prime Minister Nawaz who had not given time to Khursheed for consultation on this important subject. The sources further said that the stepping out of Justice (retd) Rana Baghwandas and former bureaucrat Kh. Zaheer from the list of aspirants for the slot of Chairman NAB mainly resulted in the delay in the process and now both the sides are coming up with fresh names for consultation and hopefully the appointment of Chairman NAB would be made in a week’s time or so. The sources close to PML-N said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would likely add the name of Lt. Gen.(retd) Abdul Qayyum in pace of Kh. Zaheer while the PPP was yet to come up with replacement of Justice(retd) Rana Baghwandas.

The sources are optimistic that both the leaders would finalise some name during the upcoming session of the National Assembly starting from Sept. 16 and the new Chairman NAB would formally be in place during the current month. The sources in PML-N once again reiterated that the decision of appointment of Chairman NAB would definitely be made at the level of Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition and government was firm on the point that they would not let the matter go in the hands of Chief Justice of Pakistan only to erase the impression that politicians are not capable of handling such matters.

These sources further said that they would also erase the impression that Parliament is just a rubber stamp and would truly make it mother of all state organs.