ISLAMABAD - Electricity price is likely to witness a nominal decrease during next week as the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) has pleaded to NEPRA to reduce the per unit price of power on account of fuel price adjustment.

Official sources told that the CPPA had filed a petition with the regulatory authority (NEPRA) seeking little cut in the price of electricity under the head fuel price adjustment for the month of August. The CPPA in its request has said that power distributing companies (Discos) had sold electricity worth 9 billion and 54crore unit. at the cost of. However, the total cost of generating electricity with various fuels remained at Rs 64 billion and 29crore during the said span of time.

Earlier, the NEPRA had set Rs7.07/unit a reference fuel cost for the month of July, 2013 while actual fuel cost in the month of August was recorded at Rs6,76/unit.

Sources in NEPRA informed that Rs23crore worth electricity was wasted in August under the head transmission losses. They also said that per unit cost of electricity production with high speed diesel (HSD) was registered at Rs21, furnace oil Rs15, gas Rs4, coal Rs3.16 andRs1.32/unit with nuclear power.

NEPRA has accepted the CPPA plea for hearing and a final decision from the NEPRA to this effect is expected on September 17, they added.