PESHAWAR - The Chief Justice of Peshawar High Court (PHC) Justice Dost Muhammad Khan Friday took suo motu notice of the sale of unregistered mobile SIMs in open markets and sought written replies from the concerned quarters.

Taking notice of the easily availability of illegal unregistered mobile SIMs, Justice Dost Muhammad Khan observed that vegetable is difficult to purchase but SIMs are easily purchasable.

The chief justice while issuing notices to Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Secretary Interior, Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Attorney General, Advocate General and Chief Executive of all mobile companies with direction to submit written reply on this issue.

The chief justice said that PTA and federal government are not ready to take any action against unregistered SIMs. He observed that open sale of illegal and unregistered SIMs is a serious threat for security of the country because such SIMs are wrongly used.

He said that it was actually responsibility of the PTA to control it. He said that unregistered illegal SIMs are easily available in open markets not only for locals but for foreigners also.

“The use of illegal unregistered SIMs is the main reason of unrest, crimes and terrorism in the country,” he said, adding unfortunately corruption was rampant in Pakistan and there was no law for sale and purchase of SIMs. He said the extortionists harass people with dozens of SIMs while the authorities concerned did not have any record in this connection.

KHASADAR FORCE FOILS SMUGGLING BID: Ahmad Nabi from Khyber Agency adds: The Khasadar force on Friday foiled a bid of smuggling of fertilizer and wireless sets to Afghanistan from Pakistan here at the Torkham border of tehsil Landi kotal, sub-division of Khyber, official sources informed on Friday.

Sources said that the Khasadar force personnel stopped a truck (P-887B) loaded with Afghan family for routine checking.

During search 74 bags of fertilizer and six sets of sophisticated wireless system hidden under the valuables of the family were recovered.

Two smugglers were identified as Subahan-u-din and Noor Mohammad, resident of Mayar, Guli Bagh, Mardan were detained and were sent to Landi kotal lock-up for further investigation.

It is important to state the Pakistan government has banned the export of it fertilizer to Afghanistan as the item was sued in explosives.

SABOTAGING TALIBAN TALKS WON’T END MILITANCY: FAZL: Staff Reporter from Islamabad adds: Chief of JUI-F Maulana Fazlur Rahman on Friday feared that undermining talks option with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) will not help efforts aimed at ending terrorism in the country.

“Attempts to sabotage national consensus on talks with the Taliban will likely to prolong the cycle of mayhem, misery and destruction in the country which is in no one’s interest,” said Fazl stressing that holding talks with the Taliban is a very serious issue and should not be sacrificed at the altar of point scoring and petty politics.

Maulana, in a statement, also called for respecting the All Parties Conference’s consensus on talks with Taliban. “Some quarters are not happy with the decision but they have to respect the military and political leadership’s agreement on holding talks with the militants, if they believed on democratic decision making process,” he said.

Maulana observed that there was already a consensus on the talks with the Taliban agreed by national leadership in the APC and time for debating merits and demerits of talks have passed. He also regretted that the second tier leadership of certain political parties is also speaking against the APC outcome despite the fact their top leadership had signed up the agreement.

He said that the Qatar Taliban talks have a big lesson for us that force alone cannot eradicate insurgency. “The US with all its might and money could not subdue the Afghan Taliban”, he observed.

He said that Afghan Taliban talks have opened a window of opportunity for talks with the Pakistani Taliban and the APC endorsed this viewpoint as such now it is the responsibility of all concerned to seize upon this opportunity.