ISLAMABAD - Expressing annoyance over the federal government regarding its failure to appoint NAB chairman, the Supreme Court has warned the federal government to immediately appoint NAB chairman otherwise be ready to face consequences.

A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, hearing a case regarding the appointment of chairman NAB questioned that whether the government wanted to make the institution non-functional as it did not implement its judgment related to the appointment of Federal service Tribunal’s chairman.

The bench said that despite its order, the government did not appoint the chairman NAB for the last three months. Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh also observed that it seemed that eradication of corruption was not the government priority.

During the hearing, Attorney General for Pakistan Muneer A Malik told the bench that the government had continued the process about the appointment of NAB chairman as a meeting between the Prime Minister and leader of the opposition held on September 6 in this regard.

He also stated that the opinion of the leader of the opposition was crucial in this matter but presently he was out of the country, therefore, the issue was still pending.

The AG said: “I understand the concern of my lordship but the government endeavour is make it (appointment) universally acclaimed.” He requested the bench to give further time as the government was following all the best standards to appoint a suitable person against this key slot to avoid any criticism.

Upon this, the chief justice observed, “This is none of our issue. Our issue is rule of law and implementation of the judgments of the court”

He also said that a major institution of the country had become non-standstill due the absence of its head as there was no progress about the investigation in mega corruption cases.

The CJ said that the government should implement the five-member bench May 28, 2013 judgment in the matter related to the appointment of chairman NAB. Regarding the consultation with the CJP in this appointment, he said that they were ready to implement their own judgment in this matter. The attorney general said that he knows what my lord hinting.

Justice Jawwad S Khawaja also said that it did not affect the rich people including him but the rights of poor people were snatched due to the vacant post of chairman NAB.

He also said that the prime minister could consult the leader of opposition through videoconference.

The Chief Justice asked the AG that the government also had made the Federal Service Tribunal dysfunctional due to not making legislation. AG argued that federal government has to go to both the houses for legislation, but in senate the government does not have majority for legislation.

“The government can bring an ordinance for the time being to make the institution operational and later it could be passed from the Parliament”, said the Chief Justice. AG maintained that it is not the good tradition to make legislations through ordinances. The case was adjourned till indefinite time. The case was adjourned sine die.