The registration of an FIR against ex-President Musharraf in the Lal Masjid case is unfortunate. With due respect to the judiciary, bringing the FIR book to the courtroom to register the FIR appears to be a case of indecent haste. It reminds one of the ATC clause added to the charge sheet by the same court against Mr. Musharraf in the alleged judges detention case. What is most shocking is that the extremists who took Islamabad hostage for over 6 months in 2007 and survived, are now scot-free, while the then President, who did not have a direct role in the action, is the only one booked.

President Zardari had stated several times in the past that there is no political prisoner in the country. It has been over four months now since the former President was placed under house arrest. If there is no political prisoner in the country then is there any other kind of a prisoner that exists? It appears the scores are being settled as it is being termed as victimization by some.


Karachi, September 6.