LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has on Friday said that skilled manpower has a vital role in quick development of the country as well as poverty and stability of economy.

Addressing a meeting of vocational education and skills development in the youth, the CM said that a major portion of country’s population comprise youth and the destiny of the nation can be changed by equipping them with modern knowledge.

The CM said that through learning various skills the youth can not only stand on their feet but also earn foreign exchange for the country by serving abroad. He said that Punjab government was pursuing a solid plan for the promotion of vocational education and producing skilled workforce in accordance with the market needs. He said that Skills Development Programme launched in five district of south Punjab with the collaboration of DFID has yielded positive results as such its scope is being extended to another 18 districts of the province.

The CM said that Punjab government has evolved a number of programmes for the welfare and provision of job opportunities to the youth. He said that interest-free loans are being given to youth under self-employment scheme. He said that provincial government provided interest-free loans worth billions of rupees to the youth during the last five years so that they could achieve self-reliance and this programme is still continuing.

He said that Punjab government has given priority to speed and transparency in the execution of all development programmes and projects. He said that the Punjab government has taken unprecedented measures for the betterment and uplift of common man during the last five years.

He said that government is also trying to resolve energy crisis and the day is not far off when all problems will be overcome.