Here is one more example of how the rules do not apply to the Parliamentarians and how the Judiciary in Pakistani is failing the nation. In 2012, the ECP had filed a complaint against Rehman Malik, an ex-parliamentarian for filing false documents, in which he had claimed that he was not a dual-national but it was proved otherwise. Under the Constitution, since the proof was submitted by the accused, therefore he should be charged without any hesitation. But on September 20, 2012 the Supreme Court ordered the disqualification of 11 members, but strangely spared Mr Rehman Malik. The case is pending in the court till date and now Rehman Malik's lawyer simply put an application for acquittal, the ECP lawyers did not contest it and the Session Judge acquitted him.

Strangely after this acquittal, I see Mr Rehman Malik involved in the Government-PTI negotiation process. It is also strange that the ECP cannot disqualify any candidate, even though they themselves submit incorrect information, so what is the point of checking and submitting the information in the first place? Similarly it is strange to see 11 members being disqualified, but the 12th member spared. He spent a term in Parliament and as the Interior Minister of Pakistan. Taking all the benefits and posted at top posts of the Government, this clearly shows the failure of ECP, Parliament and Judiciary of Pakistan, so which democracy are they hollering about?


Peshawar, September 9.