LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that all government departments should work actively for controlling dengue and anti-dengue campaign should be furthered with a national spirit.

In his message on anti-dengue day, he said that every institution and member of the society would have to play his role for rooting out dengue. He said that there was a need to resolve on anti-dengue day that this menace would be defeated through collective efforts.

“Dengue is a social issue and can be tackled through the support of the society,” he held. He said that an effective strategy was adopted in 2011 to cope with the worst outbreak of dengue in the national history and this menace was controlled.

He said that the Punjab government took effective steps during the last two years due to which the problem has been under control. He said that there was a need for all segments of the society as well as elected representatives and concerned institutions to take an active part in the efforts to deal with dengue.

He said that steps should be taken for the drainage of rainwater from Lahore and other cities of the province while seminars and walks should also be arranged for promoting public awareness regarding preventive measure against dengue virus.

Shahbaz Sharif said that people should fully support the efforts of the government against dengue while children, elderly persons, youth, women, students, teachers, traders, doctors, medical staff and all members of the society should renew their determination to defeat dengue.