We often hear that pakistan got immense talent but due to lack of talent management and inbuilt deficiencies of system, lot of potential go wasted. today, we have salman ahmad with us, an individual who with utter hard work won the muscle mania competition, which was recently held in miami, usa. he has a gym on allama iqbal road in garhi shahu area. he owns the gym and trains there for perfection in body building. in turn he trains scores of young people of the area in the art of body building. in an exclusive interview he explained his love for body building and promoting it in pakistan. following are excerpts of the interview: 

When did you start preparing yourself for body building?

I start losing my weight and participated in UCP (University of Central Punjab) for body building competition.

What was the motivation?

I was motivated by bodybuilders like Jaycuttler, Arnold, Masoom Butt and when I used to see posters of body builders I got motivated by them. UCP promoted me and motivated me a lot.

What was your diet?

Proper lean, boiled eggs, fish, fresh juices, meat, supplements were my diet during muscle mania competition.

How did you enter muscle mania competition?

American muscle mania approached me through face book, they asked my contact number and they also contact shoaib zahoor (president Muscle Mania in Pakistan) and they said to promote Salman Ahmad and train him for muscle mania competition.

Who funded you to go to USA?

No one funded me I went to USA for the muscle mania competition at my own expense.

How was the experience of participating in the competition?

More than 300 bodybuilder around the globe appeared in the same contest, but I was the one who successfully represented the positive image of Pakistan. My experience was really good during the competiton.I took part in 180 lbs category competition and became the first Pakistani bodybuilder who earned any position in such type of completion.

You have been to USA, what is the difference in training or bodybuilding here in Pakistan and USA?

Salman Ahmad said, there is a lot of difference, people in Pakistan does not even know the difference between training and bodybuilding competitions. He further said, there are three types of class in body building which Pakistan bodybuilders should know first is the Motivational class (which are for under 19 years old students), 2nd is the men’s open class in which anyone can participate and 3rd is the masters class in which 40 years plus people may also participate in the competition.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to represent the positive image of Pakistan and promote bodybuilding in Pakistan.

It is said that you used face book for campaign, can you explain?

I was disheart at that time, I was expecting media coverage over my great performance in an international competition, but remained disappointed on my arrival in Pakistan. After then I made a page on face book to promote myself. I was offered job in USA, but I preferred to come back in Pakistan. Salman Ahmad also highlighted some senior bodybuilders including Masoom Butt and Atif Anwar who left Pakistan due to Governments negligence and lack of support. Bodybuilding is an expensive sport which need Government’s support. All other countries support and sponsor their sportsmen but Pakistani Government doesn’t provide enough facilities to their sportsmen. He asked government to support him for his next competitions